Armando Hatzacorsian


My artistic production dwells in a constant search for a single moment of subjective clarity. This clarity cannot be reached through the traditional media for knowledge, like science, which main strength becomes quickly a weakness: the denial of the possibility of an absolute knowledge.

I had been always drawn to science and philosophy due to the epistemological rigor both use to deal with the problems they address. However, they both arrive, though through different means, to the same conclusion, that objective and absolute knowledge is unattainable. Due to this interest in science and philosophy, these two have always been a very important part as triggers of my artwork.

I believe that only through art it is possible to get to this experienced clarity, as an epiphany of the senses. Quoting Robert Hughes, the art critic, what I want to achieve is the sort of art that “makes us feel more clearly and more intelligently. That gives us coherent sensations that otherwise we would not have had”.

The main means I have found to make this sear a more enriching experience have been painting and drawing, although I have also explores with other media, like intervention, photography and New Media.

As a consequence of being a depositary of two cultural heritages —one through my genetic heritage and the history of struggle and survival my grandparents left me, the other one for my geographical upbringing and a deep gratitude towards the country that harbored the small group of Armenian exiles that came to Mexico at the beginning of the 20th century, -one of the main triggers of my artistic work is the unsolved dilemma of living torn between two cultural heritages that, if not opposed, at least parting from very different conceptions of the world.

The violence from which the exile stems is a marker of all my artistic production, and it explores the irrationality behind it, and its place in the world as a trigger of changes and movement. The hatred for “the other one”, someone who is just like me but with a different name, an attitude that summons up the most absurd expression of the consciousness of one’s own identity. However, my personal journey and search is in no way a denounce or an attempt of redemption, barely a strive to find meaning in the middle of chaos.